Posted on June 11, 2014

This gorgeous mama to be is one of my sweet friends! I’m so happy I got the opportunity to shoot these for her! & I can’t wait until her precious little girl arrives!

Murfreesboro and Nashville Maternity Photographers

Murfreesboro and Nashville Maternity Photographers

Murfreesboro and Nashville Maternity Photographers

Posted on May 21, 2014

April was simply the most happy, glowing mommy to be! I had a blast working with her! Thanks for an awesome session April!

Murfreesboro and Nashville Maternity Photographers

Murfreesboro and Nashville Maternity Photographers

Murfreesboro and Nashville Maternity Photographers

Posted on September 16, 2013

So I have had quite a few of you fellow photographers email me over the past couple of years asking about backdrop stands and I thought a blog post would be the perfect way to answer this question for several of you at one time! I’m honestly not a huge fan of the PVC pipe shindig that has been floating around the past year or so! It’s just not an easy or convenient solution when many of us have to travel to our client’s homes for sessions. So, allow me to share the perfect solution with you! The backdrop stand below is from YescomUSA. They have a little bit of everything, not just photo related equipment. Their selection is quite great and they are super affordable!

The stand arrives in this easy to carry case:

Backdrop Stand Carry Case

I love how well they come packaged! You can tell YescomUSA pays special attention to ensure their products arrive top notch!

Photography Backdrop Stand

I absolutely love, love, LOVE this case! It keeps everything nice and organized and separated so that it doesn’t get all scratched up!
Photography Backdrop Stand

Photography Backdrop Stand

And here is the coolest part! This backdrop stand is totally customizable for your needs! It adjusts from 5ft in width all the way to 10ft! Most stands I have found are automatically 10ft-ish. This makes it difficult when you have a small space to work in! I LOVE that I can make this one 5ft, which is perfect for all my newborn/baby sessions! Pictured below is my stand at 5ft width and my 3×5 flokati attached just to give you an idea of proportions!Photography Backdrop Stand


So there you have it! An awesome, portable backdrop stand! In case you missed the link to check it out, here ya go again:


I hope this helps you in your backdrop stand search! :)

Happy Shooting,


Posted on March 28, 2013

I have really come to fall in love with lifestyle maternity sessions lately! I was so excited that Sonya wanted to do that style of session! & seriously….who looks THIS good pregnant! haha! Work it Sonya, work it!

Posted on February 21, 2013

These were requested by many of you, and of course I like to make my clients happy! So here they are! These will be one day only, and spaces are very limited! So grab your spot ASAP if you would like to book!

Many of you are probably wondering about themes/location! I plan to keep this particular mini session event pretty theme free! Which is why they are not “Easter Minis”! However, you are welcome to bring your little cuties in their Easter outfits and even bring some props of your own {like your child’s favorite stuffed bunny} if you would like! As far as location, I am planning on holding these at the Battlefield entrance off of Thompson Lane! {No cannons haha!} These will just be some gorgeous outdoor spring images! If you would like to see the “Feel” for this location, I will post a couple of example images that were shot at this location below the flyer!! Those of you that have worked with me before, this is a newer location that I have started using and I LOVE it!

Email me to book your spot! =)


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