Important Information


  • I specialize in photojournalistic photography and strive to capture real emotions and real moments. I like for everyone to feel at ease and do my best to provide a relaxed approach to your custom portrait session! I strive to create art in my photos and make something different…something that fits YOU!
  • I am an on location, natural light photographer which means you get to pick where we shoot! If you are uncertain where you would like to shoot, I have plenty of suggestions!
  • Following our shoot, we will meet again for a proofing session! At this time, you will get to view all of your proofs in a slideshow! I will also bring samples of products that I offer with me so that you can physically feel and see the products and be able to better decide what you would like displayed in your home! I will also be equipped with an iPad which will allow me to show you how collections will look on YOUR walls, with YOUR photos! On this day, we will work together to get your order placed! Please be sure that all members of the family that would need to help make the ordering decisions are present during this time!
  • Photo edits include: blemish/scar removal, skin smoothing, teeth whitening, color enhancing, as well as occasional black & white conversions or artistic tones! All enhancements will be applied as the photographer sees fit for each photo! I DO NOT selective color {i.e.-make black and white and leave eyes in color}. It does not fit who I am as an artist. Blemish/scar removal will occur once you have ordered your photos and will only be applied to the photos that have been ordered!
  • Unlimited poses/frames will be taken at the session. Out of all the photos that are taken, I will go through and pick the best 15-20 images to enhance and place in your proofing gallery! By doing this, I hope to make your ordering decision easier by only providing my absolute best work.
  • Regular sessions will last approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours.
  • You can have up to 2 outfit changes. If you need suggestions as far as what to wear, please ask! I am more than happy to provide my opinion/advice!
  • Depending on the distance, a travel fee may apply. All shoots that take place in Rutherford County are not applicable for traveling fees!
  • One location is included with your session fee, unless otherwise stated. Additional locations can be added to your session for a charge of $50 per location, which will be added to your session fee and must be paid at the time of booking!
  • I only book a maximum of 1 session per week to make sure that I can provide my best work to each and every client. As a result of this, it is important that you book your session as early as possible to insure I am able to get you in at your desired date/time!


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