These were requested by many of you, and of course I like to make my clients happy! So here they are! These will be one day only, and spaces are very limited! So grab your spot ASAP if you would like to book!

Many of you are probably wondering about themes/location! I plan to keep this particular mini session event pretty theme free! Which is why they are not “Easter Minis”! However, you are welcome to bring your little cuties in their Easter outfits and even bring some props of your own {like your child’s favorite stuffed bunny} if you would like! As far as location, I am planning on holding these at the Battlefield entrance off of Thompson Lane! {No cannons haha!} These will just be some gorgeous outdoor spring images! If you would like to see the “Feel” for this location, I will post a couple of example images that were shot at this location below the flyer!! Those of you that have worked with me before, this is a newer location that I have started using and I LOVE it!

Email me to book your spot! =)


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